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Align and Shine:

How to Effectively Integrate Rewards into your Community Financial Institution's Strategic Planning

Rewards are among your most powerful and cost-effective mechanisms for engaging your customers and improving acquisition, product adoption, and revenue.

But what happens when the goals and positioning of the rewards program are disconnected from your financial institution's strategic vision?

This newest Buzz Points eBook explores the critical steps to discovery, goal-setting, and ultimately aligning executive teams around new initiatives like rewards! We answer questions like:

- What does a good business goal definition look like?
- What is a tactic?
- What makes a good internal proposal package?
- How do I get the right people in the room?


About Buzz Points

The Buzz Points® platform was built exclusively for financial institutions to leverage the power of rewards to engage customers, increase loyalty, support communities and promote growth. Our platform gives every financial institution the ability to build a rewards program that is unique to their community and competitive in their market.

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