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The Halo Effect:

How Proprietary Customer Research Revealed The Biggest Breakthrough in Retail Banking

In the summer of 2020, the Buzz Points team issued surveys collecting thousands of bank and credit union cardholder responses to the then-nascent COVID-19 Pandemic. The responses ended up shocking the team...

What started as a simple cardholder satisfaction survey bloomed into one of the biggest findings in recent retail banking history - a true force multiplier so powerful the impact could be felt across entire product and service portfolios!

This newest Buzz Points eBook explores the newly-discovered 'Halo Effect' that is impacting customer satisfaction ratings from single-branch credit unions to regional powerhouse banks. We answer:

- What is the Halo Effect, and how can I take advantage of it?
- How can I keep cardholders with my financial institution?
- Can I really improve perceptions of my mobile and online banking with an unrelated product?
- Who really are my best cardholders?


About Buzz Points

The Buzz Points® platform was built exclusively for financial institutions to leverage the power of rewards to engage customers, increase loyalty, support communities and promote growth. Our platform gives every financial institution the ability to build a rewards program that is unique to their community and competitive in their market.

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